Massage Services Offered

*Travel fees may apply based on distance to your home*

Now offering 20% off for New Clients, as well as Special Rates for Shelter, Foster, and Rescues!!!

PetMassage tm Scope of Practice:

  • First do no harm
  • Practioners of PetMassage provide only the services in which we are trained
  • Complements holistic and traditional veterinary care, home care, spa care, and all grooming, training, and behavioral modification programs.
  • Enhances the body/mind/spirit wellness of dogs.
  • Recognizes that all diseases are symptoms of imbalance and misguided perception of body awareness.
  • Initiates self healing of dogs through the use of knowledgeable, compassionate touch, compression, kneading, stretching, positional release, stimulation of acupressure and referral points, and biomagnetic energy balancing.
  • It does NOT include deep tissue work or extremes of joint movement.
  • It does NOT diagnose or treat specific disorders.
  • It does NOT recommend specific dietary regimens.
  • PetMassageTM practitioners do NOT diagnose, medically treat, or prescribe medications.

NOT a SUBSTITUte for TRADITIONAL VETERINARY MEDICINE, must have consent of primary veterinarian