"And just why do dogs need Massage you might ask?"

Canine massage

What kind of dogs can benefit from canine massage?

  • Shelter and Rescue dogs
  • Injured dogs as well as pre/post surgery
  • Dog athletes/working dogs
  • Therapy dogs
  • Senior/geriatric dogs
  • Palliative care/end of life transitions
  • Dogs experiencing stress/emotional/behavioral issues
  • ANY dog can benefit from massage!!!

The MANY benefits of canine massage:

  • #1 reason helps to assess and maintain wellness, enhances dog's quality of life
  • enhances bonding and builds confidence in both dog/owner
  • Increases/balances circulation of blood, lymph, CSF, oxygen.
  • Strengthens the body by stimulating muscles and increasing muscle tone.
  • Restores range of motion (ROM) and flexibility.
  • Helps restore range of emotion (ROE) in dogs with grief/fear/abandonment, etc. issues
  • Increases bone density through weight bearing exercises.
  • Helps alleviate pain/stiffness, reduce edema, and removal of toxic lactic acid buildup (end product of muscle work.) 
  • COMFORTS tired muscles, decreases potential for post exercise soreness.
  • Energizes the dog's mind, relaxes his mind/body/spirit :)))
  • Help new/fearful dogs gain acceptance of touch (especially to paws!) think about nail trimming.
  • Dogs become balanced and comfortable and empowers owners to give back to their dogs something they cannot do for themselves!!!

See how canine massage can benefit YOUR dog!!!

Call Karen to discuss your dog's specific needs and we can formulate a plan just for both of you!!! I look forward to assisting your dog back to harmony and wellness, and enhanced quality of life. Dog's give so much to us and ask nothing in return...let's now give this special gift back to them!!! Your dog will LOVE you for it!!! 

***MOST IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: Canine Massage is NEVER to be a substitute for Veterinary Care! It is intended to be holistic and COMPLEMENTARY to your primary Vet Management***